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Over the years, umpires read and re-read their baseball rule book. Knowing the rules, participating in pre-game conferences and post-game debriefings are key to an umpire’s ability to make the right judgment calls in what they see and what they do on the baseball field. Companies also need rules for their drivers. Drivers, like umpires, need to know the “Rules of the Road.” Rules are part of the development of the skill to make good judgments that affect safe driver behaviors.

The rules of the road for driver safety are simple, common sense and designed to help minimize fleet loss exposure. Hold supervisors accountable for communicating the rules and demonstrating the driver safety message. This includes providing drivers with a written set of the rules, and checking with drivers periodically to confirm their understanding. Supervisors should go over each rule, entertain any questions and discussion around them. Each driver should sign a driver training statement acknowledging that these rules have been reviewed with them and given a copy of this written and signed document.

Encourage drivers to review the rules of the road like a sports rule book- read and re-read it. It is a reference guide and a reminder of safe fleet behaviors. It is intended to help drivers make the right judgment calls in what they see and do before they go on the road (pre-game conference), when they are on the road, and what they do post trip (the post game debriefing).

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